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Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Starting up a new restaurant? Fire Protection is here for all of your commercial kitchen fire suppression needs in Edmonton. We are also qualified to inspect, repair and replace your existing system. We can:

Install Range Guard®, Ansul, Pyro-Chem 

Inspection and re-certification

Provide an inspection report noting deficiencies and/or repairs

Suppression systems

Perform annual and semi-annual inspections, including testing and inspection of fire alarm interconnectivity during annual, and gas valve shut-down during every inspection

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Provide manufacturer designed systems, installed by manufacturer trained and licenced technicians

Fire Protection understands the unique requirements of every kitchen, emphasizing the selection of the most suitable fire suppression system for your specific needs. While prioritizing safety, our commitment extends to ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. We collaborate with you to design a suppression system that safeguards people and property and mitigates damage to food preparation areas, facilitating a swift return to normalcy.

We guarantee compliance with all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, including adherence to UL 300 requirements for those looking to upgrade their existing systems. Since 2014, UL 300 compliance has become mandatory, necessitating agent amounts and flow rates up to three times higher than those in the current systems. Our services encompass installation, retrofitting, and comprehensive maintenance, inspection, and repair, all executed by fully licensed technicians.

Inspection Cycles

Kitchen fire suppression systems need to be inspected by a licensed fire protection professional every six months. It is also recommended that owners conduct monthly visual inspections. 

Common Deficiencies

Some common deficiencies found are:

Clogged plenum and duct nozzles 

Ceased link lines 

Incorrect appliance coverage 

In need of hydro testing  

Incorrect cartridge 

Wire connections in the control head 

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Fire Protection Is a Proud Distributor Of

Range Guard
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Installation and Servicing

Whatever needs you have for a fire suppression system,

we can meet them all.

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