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Fire Pumps Are Essential for Fire Suppression in Edmonton

At the core of every fire suppression system lies the essential component known as the fire pump. In more extensive fire sprinkler setups, the conventional water supply may prove insufficient to sustain the required pressure for an uninterrupted flow of water during firefighting efforts. Enter our extraordinary fire pump trailers, a testament to innovation and reliability in the realm of fire protection. These one-of-a-kind trailers are designed to test fire pump operation. When it comes to top-notch fire pumps, trust Fire Protection in Edmonton to safeguard your property effectively.

A fire pump will connect directly to the underground public water supply or to a private storage tank and can pump this water directly to where it is needed. They are critical in large buildings where the main form of fire suppression is water-based or uses an interconnected system, such as warehouses or high rises. 

To learn more about the fire pumps we offer, please give us a call today.

Maintain Your Fire Pumps

Fire pumps require routine inspection and maintenance to ensure they will function properly if called upon. The frequency of these inspections can depend on the type of pump – it can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. 


Common problems that can crop up with fire pumps include:


Fire pump motor overheating 

No water flow  

Abnormal vibration

Industrial fire pump station for water sprinkler piping.jpeg

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