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Fire Alarm Systems in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

A fire alarm system is a crucial network of devices employing visual and audio signals, such as strobe lighting, voice evacuation, and mass notification, to promptly alert individuals during a potential fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide emergency. Acting as the initial line of defence, the fire alarm system is made to detect smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide. Additionally, it encompasses an emergency communication system that notifies the local fire department of the ongoing emergency.


We specialize in the comprehensive design, installation, maintenance, and servicing of fire alarms and all life safety systems in Edmonton. Our seamless approach ensures you won't notice the intricacies as we simplify the process. As your singular point of contact, we manage all aspects of your life safety systems, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Explore the possibilities of automating your life safety program through our service agreements.

Whether your requirement calls for a conventional or addressable fire alarm system, our skilled team has the expertise to install and service the most suitable method for your needs. Additionally, we are authorized and trained to work on all leading fire alarm brands. 

Inspection Cycles

Fire alarms require an annual inspection, testing, and maintenance of control panels, initiating devices, communication equipment, and remote annunciators. These systems also require a 2-year smoke detection device sensitivity and functionality test. Depending on your insurance carrier, your fire alarm system may require more frequent inspections for different system parts. 

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Common Deficiencies

A deficiency is identified during regular inspections when the devices and components do not meet acceptable standards. Here are a few commonly found deficiencies for fire alarms: 

Dead or low batteries (secondary power source) - the fire alarm control panel will indicate if one of your batteries is low. 

The control panel is not communicating with the monitoring station to alert local firefighters. 

Initiating devices not detecting properly 

Pull station obstructions

Incorrect installation height for pull stations 

Related Services

Some of our other related services are

Inspection & maintenance 

System installations 


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